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CGC gives to clients

Jun 15, 2010, 1:45 PM | Article By: Cherno O. Bobb

China Geo Cooperation (CGC) Agricultural Service Limited last Thursday presented six tractors and one power tiller to its clients, at a colourful ceremony held at Palm Grove Hotel in Banjul.

The six tractors and one power tiller worth about D3.2m were presented to its clients as follows: two tractors for Kerewan Area Council, one tractor for Janjanbureh, one tractor for Kaur Ward Development Committee, one tractor to 2bab Foundation in Jinack Kajateh in Lower Niumi District and one tractor to Jimmeh Camara, a private farmer in Basse, while the power tiller was presented to Jarduma Ward Development Committee in Jarra West in the Lower River Region.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the Manager of China Geo Cooperation (CGC), Omar Manneh, said the ceremony is a presentation of tractors and a power tiller purchased from them (China Geo Cooperation) by their clients. He thanked their clients, which is the Community Driven Development Project (CDDP), through which they get clients from the communities for patronising CGC Agricultural Service.

He said the purchasing contract includes purchasing, deliver to site, training of operators, among others, adding that they will further look on maintenance services of the tractors. In this area, he added, they work in collaboration with state agricultural engineers and local experts. Manneh also stated that their company offers one year technical support, that’s free mechanical labour support to clients and ensure that those technicians work on these tractors.

Mr. Manneh also stated that there is a very good service back-up from their company on all the purchased tractors and power tillers, and cereal processing machines. He said they would also do the same for other machines.

"There is also adequate spare parts availability with us and farmers are enjoying with them," he added.

Kekoi Kuyateh, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture said the initiative came through the Community Driven Development Project (CDDP), adding that CDDP is here to empower the communities in order to improve and increase their production and productivity in all aspects of their life.

According to him, the tractors will be able to increase the capacity of the community in their agricultural production, either in field or horticulture crops. He added that the tractors can also help them build and repair their own infrastructures at their local level.

Other speakers included Lamin F. S. Manneh, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government, Alhagie Lamin Ceesay, Chairman of Kerewan Area Council, Mamat Mbye, Chairman of Kuntaur Area, Kekuta Ceesay, Chairman of Janjanbureh Area Council and Tamba Kinteh, CEO of Kerewan Area Council.