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Supreme Islamic Council Denounces Shia Doctrine

Jul 30, 2008, 10:34 AM

Following orders by President Jammeh for the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) to put its house in order and for it to regulate the apparent Islamic differences in the country, the council has finally indicated its position on the Shia movement in The Gambia.

A news release from the Supreme Islamic Council noted that based on the controversy surrounding Shia activities in The Gambia, the council has conducted a thorough investigation and has decided on various issues.

The council, according to the release, noticed that Shia beliefs contradict the teachings and beliefs of Ahlus Sunna wa- Jam'ah (the followers of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]).

"The council has also decided that the proprietors of all the print and electronic media should ensure that all religious programmes aimed at propagating or defending the belief that contradicts the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be stopped," the release added.

The Supreme Islamic Council went further to direct the General Secretaries of Islamic/Arabic Education in The Gambia to take all necessary measures to stop all syllabi that seek to teach Shia beliefs. This directive, according to the release, is based on the fact that education is the most effective tool in the dissemination of ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

The release also noted that all cultural and educational institutions, foundations and individuals propagating or disseminating the Shia beliefs and teaching among Muslims in The Gambia must be stopped.

It would be recalled that a Daily Observer story on the occasion of the official opening last Thursday of the new Supreme Islamic Council Training Institute for Imams and Scholars quoted President Jammeh as calling on the SIC to put its house in order, giving a one-week ultimatum for the council to regulate the apparent Islamic differences in the country.