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Supporting local artists

Dec 11, 2012, 9:58 AM

Local artist in the country over the years have been doing quite well, but lack the necessary support to excel.

The efforts some of our local artists are employing for the development of the industry deserve recognition.

They need support, particularly in a form of patronage, to reach their best.

Many Gambian local artists do have potentials to become great and successful in their field, but need support from the public.

Buying their albums and sponsoring their album launchings are key in promoting our local artists. They need resources to produce more quality work.

We should also give prominence to our local young and talented artists during our gala dinners and other fund-raising events.

The huge sums of monies we spend in brining foreign artists annually could be used to hire local talented artist, and the money would also remain in the country.

By patronizing the local artists, we would be creating more employment opportunities for our young people.

The promotion of the country’s music industry should also be a top priority today more than ever before.

Gambia’s music industry has a huge potential with many talented young people doing their bit.

Some of the songs our local artists compose are good, but there is need for a professional touch and guidance to make them even better.

We, therefore, encourage the stakeholders to give local artists the required support they need to reach higher heights.