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Stella Maris Women and Feast of Christ the King

Nov 26, 2008, 5:27 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Feast of Christ the King marks the end of the church's year. Last year the Church was in year A as a result of the new liturgical year it is now moved to year B. The readings are placed according to such to suit the liturgy of the Word. The women of Stella Maris Parish, commonly called Catholic Women's Association, Bakau found it pertinent to celebrate their third anniversary during the feast and leave fruit for thought in the parish. These women are the pillars of all activities in the Stella Maris Parish. They, as their name implies, are the mothers of all activities in the parish. They have strong hands in the building of their presbytery, decoration of their church and are basically a source of support for their priests as they are there to support whatever their Son Jesus loves. The double occasion gathered hundreds of parishioners and well wishers to the occasion making it one of the best ever organised under the leadership of Mrs. Yadicon Njie -Eribo and her able executive and above all her very supportive group. Read on and see how these groups of mothers are bent on improving the lot of their church, making it an outstanding parish, clear of all vices. Read on and feel it deep.

The Stella Maris Parish Women made no mistake to have chosen their son's Feast Day as their inauguration of the CWA 3 years ago. The women of that group are aware of their responsibility to make the Church known and also extend their responsibility to the Church and especially make their Son known and loved. Children of the Lord have the chance to witness the vibrance of the celebration that moved the Church and made many people to wish for more of its kind. The Feast of Christ the King is there to show the last Sunday of the Church's year. There are three cycles and these are: Cycle A, B and C. This year starting is Cycle B. It will continue till next year this time when it would change to Year C.

Mrs. Yadicon Njie- Eribo, president of the CWA of Stella Maris Parish, talking to the press said, "This is a day of joy for all women of the organisation. We are obliged to make our organisation proud and bring honour to it each day. One way we can do this is by bringing people together to celebrate aloud. Today's celebration is paramount because we are demonstrating our love for Jesus, the King who is King of the universe. Together we are able to be one by really manifesting the love within us through our action. Women are a part of the world and especially part of the church, we are not to be left behind, we are here to play our own part in God's loving mission for mankind." She further talked to her people on the pretext of redoubling their effort to get to where they want their organisation to be. We are behind our church and we embrace others, as a mother should do. It is kind of a mother to show love to others how to love by mere example of the word and action. We will be behind our priests so as to bring souls and win them over. "That is what a mother is for, to love what your son or daughter loves," she says.

"Many would think of such occasion as religious, but to me it is deeply rooted so would say it is deeply religious. The many faces seen here are not strangers to the Lord and have been blessed by their presence as well. The fact that today marks the Feast of Christ the King makes our day really deeply religious to behold. Our Third anniversary is a demonstration of our kind love for the deepening of our religious life as one in Christ today and forever, amen," Yadicon Njie- Eribo said.

Fr. Louis Mendy CSSp celebrating the Mass on the Feast of Christ the King and the Third anniversary of the existence of CWA Stella Maris, praised women for their work and urged them to continue to play their role as mothers.

In his homily, he praised the CWA in the church and all the women that are present there. He expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the CWA. He said, " I am happy with you all and I'll support you." Instead of the CWA I will change it to CMA (Catholic Mothers Association). He then continued by saying, "I have full respect for CWA as its one of the original organisation in the Catholic Church."

He advised the leader of the CWA to be patient, as it is not easy to be a leader, some will sit back to criticise you, but the leader should realise that as servant of God, you should be full of patience.

He encouraged them to keep up the good work, to continue to love one another, guide, encourage one another and also to give advice to the Youths and other organisations in the church. He said they must continue to pray and keep up the good spirit, be ready to stand the challenges you are facing, continue to love your neighbour and love for one another. Mary will continue to our mother of the Church. "I wish you well and am so proud of you," he said

He reminded Catholics of the feast of Christ's Kingship and that Advent would start next Sunday when Christians would prepare themselves for the coming of Christ. This he said should start by clearing the heart and allowing Christ to be born anew in each one of them.

At the end of the mass the CWA mothers were bless by Fr. Louis.

CWA members then distributed a pen as a souvenir to every member that was present there.

The day ended with food sales, with music and dancing, making the day memorable. Women were organised in different groups to prepare different types of foodstuff. The occasion equally attracted new members who pledged to be a part of the women of that parish. Members expressed their happiness and called for unity to raise their group ahead in all aspects. Theresa A. Kanjia, the secretary of the women's group, said it was a joy having their friends come to grace the occasion. "We are ready to do more but without love and understanding the wishes we carry will not hold and we shall fall, I am urging for further understanding and love for all," she said.