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St. Therese's Lectors Praise Elderly Members

Apr 29, 2008, 7:36 AM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia

The Church always venerated the divine Scriptures as she venerated the Body of the Lord, in so far as she never ceases, particularly in the sacred liturgy, to partake of the bread of life and to offer it to the faithful from the one table of the Word of God and the Body of Christ. The Bishops of the Second Vatican Council point to the certainty and importance of the Scripture in the life and worship of the Church. Since that Council in the 60s Catholics have been nourished and strengthened by greater access to the Bible, as part of the Mass, and in their homes. It now plays a significant role in our prayer life. Reading the Bible daily should be part of our lives. In this context, the Church calls forth lay men and women, lay readers, also known as lectors, to read the Scriptures at Sunday and daily Mass. These lectors have the responsibility to make the Word of God better known in the Mass, and indeed beyond the Mass, to all the Catholics in their congregation.

St. Therese's Lectors have made a great stride in improving their lectors in line with the Vatican Council. In many years, they have had members come and go and have held tight to their constitution and are now seen as one of the best organized groups of lectors in the country. It has about nineteen committed members but over twenty five members some of whom are on transfer or committed to some other things of interest.

In their recent celebration at the St. Therese's Catholic Church, the membership was present at the Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gabou Secka, the assistant priest at St. Therese. He also praised the lectors for their hard work and commitment to serving the community. Most importantly, certificates were presented to long serving and committed members of over five years. Some members who have been long serving and have been on and off were questioned but were classed as long serving and still committed because when they are there they serve well.

Augustine Kanjia, the president of the Lectors said they had the responsibility to make the Word of God known far and wide. He recounted that they had meetings on Thursdays at 6:30pm except when Thursdays are obstructed by other liturgical functions that they meet on Tuesday at 6:30pm. He asked the congregation to stop opposing and come in to become members to help improve the quality of proclamation in their church.

"I know you love to get the best out of us. A lot is needed to make us appear superb and add taste to the celebration. As our church is now self reliant, we are not afraid to ask you to help the lectors by providing their "gowns" or vestments to match the liturgical colours. Wearing these over a ten year period is not good for you the onlookers." Augustine said.

The president appealed to the congregation to make positive criticisms to enable the lectors' impact the congregation positively in return. The president was quick to warn those in the group that are bent on spoiling meetings to think twice that the Church is a universal church and not any body's property. He urged them to discuss their problems and solve them as a family. He thanked the members for a renewed effort in making the group lively and enviable in the sight of many.

He thanked all especially the senior choir whom he termed as partners in development for singing so beautifully during their occasion. He thanked the priests, Fathers Secka and Sonko for their kind assistance.

The day was spent at Ernest Mendy's house. Certificates were handed to several deserving older members. Their door is open to new membership to develop the group. "We are appealing to all and sundry to help us with our vestments to match the liturgy." Marchel Mendy the secretary said. Philomen Men expressed her desire for the advancement of the group and asks members to love one another and to show how we live the Bible values. Mr. Patrick Tamba Lebbie is urging members to be committed to their monthly contributions and other developmental contributions to help us move ahead. He said this is the toughest area for him as the finance secretary but has vowed to develop his area. All the members are happy about the renewed cooperation that is growing from good to better.