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Spotlight on Abdoulie Alpha Sanneh, Principal Forestry Officer

Dec 3, 2008, 6:06 AM | Article By: Abba Gibba & Babucarr Senghore

Hello and a warm welcome to yet another scintillating edition of Personality of the Week, your weekly column aimed at bringing prominent Gambian top notches and achievers into the limelight.

In today's edition, we bring you the profile of a man who in today's Gambia is ranged as an accomplished and highly trained Forester by all standards.

He is Abdoulie Alpha Sanneh, Forester Officer for Western Region.

Principal Forestry Officer Abdoulie Alpha Sanneh of the Department of Forestry is no doubt a symbol of success in Forestry.

Born on the 18thFebruary 1960 in Wasadu in Foni Jarrol in Western Region, Abdoulie Alpha Sanneh started his educational journey at St. Edward's Primary School where sat to the Common Entrance Examination in 1973 and proceeded to St. Edward's Junior Secondary School then to Gambia High School where he where he completed his education in The Gambia in 1979.

In November 1979 he was employed at the Department of Forestry as a Forest Guard Trainee attached to Inspectorates Unit in Upper River Division, now Upper River Region until in August 1980.

Because of hard work, commitment and love for the job and ones country, he had served in various positions within the Department of Forestry. He began his journey into the business of Forestry from scratch climbing through the ladder rising up through dint of diligence, determination and discipline to the admirable position Principal Forestry Officer.

In April 1981 we went to Man O' WarBayCollege in Nigeria and flew out with a certificate in Citizenship and Leadership.

In April 1982 he continued at the School of Forestry, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria and obtained an ordinary Diploma in General Forestry.

From April 1982 to December 1984 he was Assistant Divisional Forest Officer in charge of Natural Forest Management, Protecting, Afforestation and Administration of all Forestry matters in Upper River Region. From January 1985 to September 1987 he was Plantation Officer in charge of Fintomanereg and Salagi forest plantations.

In July 1989 he went back to Nigeria for Higher National Diploma (HND) in General Forestry at the Federal College of Forestry.

From August 1989 to September 1990 he held the position of Forestry Superintendent supervising Plantations. From September 1990 to May 1994 he was Divisional Forestry Officer in charge of Natural Forest Management, Protection, Afforestation and Administration of all Forestry matters in Central River Division.

He continued his educational and professional chase at the University of Philippines and obtained a certificate on Values Education and Leadership in 1996 and thereafter a BSc Degree in Forestry in 1998.

Upon returning he was made the Divisional Forestry Officer in Charge of Natural Forest Management, Protection, Afforestation (Upper River Division Forestry Project) which was a highly success story, including Saw-milling and Administration of all Forestry matters in Upper River Division.

From January 2001 to January 2003 he held the position of Senior Forestry Officer and Technical Unit Head, at the Department of Forestry at the same time providing support to all Divisional Forestry Officers in the country among other or matters. From January 2003 to September 2005 he held the position of Senior Forestry Officer and Monitoring and Evaluation Unit Head at the Department of Forestry.

In 2007 Mr Sanneh continued his educational and professional chase at Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, in India and flew out with MSc Degree in Agro forestry.

Upon his return in September he was made the Senior Forestry Officer and Regional Forestry Officer for Western Region, a position he held until his latest promotion to Principal Forestry Officer and regional Forestry Officer for Western Region in January 2008.

Mr Sanneh is also no doubt an asset not only to this small but tiny West African country but also the African continent and the rest of the world is of course no exception. A household name at the Department of Forestry, of course his name will remain in the history books of this country as a man whose immense contribution to nation building has and continues to earn him critical acclaim both in the country and beyond.

His love and attitude towards his work gives surge and confidence and spurs growth and greatness in the lives of the willing.

This underlined his praise and honour as a loyal and hardworking man worthy of example.