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First Female Taxi Driver in The Gambia Speaks

Feb 27, 2009, 5:04 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Commercial driving in The Gambia is only known to be a male domain but with the coming of people like Ms. Jarria Bah the trend seems to be changing.

Jarria Bah runs a taxi mostly from Westfield to Bakau.

The Manjai Kunda resident, in an interview with this reporter, said she had been employed and trained as a taxi driver by Zaimat Company which imports 'Batch' cars to the country.

Jarrai Bah said she feels proud to be the first female taxi driver in The Gambia.

According to her, 'what a man can do a women can also do even better'.

"This job is better than hanging around.

I started driving just about one week now but I see it as a lovely and enjoyable job," she said.

Ms Bah disclosed that many people encouraged her to go ahead with the job which motivates her to remain in work. She emphasised that there are other girls who don't even think of working but instead depend on men, but for her she prefers driving to that.

"At the moment there are other girls that the company is training to serve as taxi drivers," she revealed.

Ms Bah revealed that the only difficulty she is encountering is after work she feels too tied, but hopes to manage with it.