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Something must be done

Dec 22, 2009, 1:47 PM

We have been seeing all sorts of violence in this country for sometime now. Rape and murder are now rampant; robbery is also on the increase. With the advent of the unknown before, attacking and robbing people by bandits, all should join forces to do all it takes to tackle his menace.

Reportedly, a man recently killed his own cousin in Farafenni for an illogical and balmy reason. Another man was said to have been arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a 3-year-old girl in Brufut.

It’s unwise at this stage to second-guess their cause of actions. That is for the law court to do. But if their actions are premeditated then they are inhuman and senseless.

The use of drug among youths is also visible, and is no doubt impacting negatively on our future leaders. Communities should reinforce the security agents with a view to reduce the menace and threatening inclination of drug peddling and alcoholism among other disastrous vices.

How sorrowful to see your son a drug addict the price of which is slowly but surely destroying many of our youthful populace. Drug and alcoholism have undoubtedly taken their toll on life and limb of our youths. It has destroyed many, which if not being alcoholic or drug addicts, would have been well-established personalities in society.

Let’s get rid of this mindset that brings nothing but sorrow and tragedy.