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Six-Year-Old Boy in Need of Overseas Treatment

Sep 15, 2008, 6:25 AM

Omar Kebba Joof, a six-year-old boy from Latrikunda Sabiji, has been suffering from a respiratory difficulty since the age of a week and a medical report from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital has recommended for him to under go for treatment overseas.

According to a medical report from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, Omar on presentation to the clinic was noted to have an active pericardium and a thrill at the mitral area silhouette was enlarged and he had systolic ejection murmurs in the mitral, an increased cardiothacic ratio consistent with a cardioegaly.

"On the basis of the above clinical features, findings on imaging given the presumptive diagnosis, a medical board was convened on his behalf.

"Today, the medical board on Omar has seen him placid but in respiratory difficulty, pale with hyperactive pericardium and a thrill at the mitral area at the 6thleft inter coastal space anterior axillary line and a systolic ejection at the mitral area," the report stated.

The medical report added that given that facilities for his further in-depth evaluation and management such as imaging, radionuclinede studies, and intra-cardiac cathetheral and subsequent reparative/re-constructive paediatric surgical intervention is not readily available within the sub-region, Omar will need to proceed overseas to a dedicated paediatric cardiac surgery centre to undertake this.

The family of Omar is thus appealing to government, philanthropists, the private sector and all who can to come to their aid in order to ensure that Omar successfully travels for overseas treatment.

For any assistance, you can contact Omar's uncle, Mr. Kebba Joof on 9937853.

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