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Lt. Col. Solo Bojang and Co trial progresses

Jan 17, 2014, 10:45 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

The trial involving Lt. Col. Solo Bojang and Anineh Jammeh continued yesterday at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Jobarteh.

The case continued with the testimony of the two defence witnesses.

Solo Bojang and Anineh Jammeh were alleged to have conspired and stolen nine heads of cattle while being employees of Kanilai Family Farm, which they both denied.

In his testimony, the fifth defence witness (DW5), Babou Badjie, told the court he is from Kungunghor and a farmer, adding that he knew the 2nd accused but used to see the 1st accused.

He said the 2nd accused told them about the work, that the 1st accused said the President wanted them to cut some fence poles.

DW5 added that the 2nd accused told them that anytime they were ready to do it, he would work out their feeding for them.

He said the 2nd accused gave them a bull, two bags of rice and 5-litre gallon of oil, adding that they did the work for three days and all these food items were consumed during these three days.

He said he never knew the 2nd accused as a thief.

They had been to Kanilai on several occasions to help the President; so when the 2nd accused told them about the work, they were convinced, he said.

He said he came to testify because he knew the 2nd accused for a long time as an honest person.

He revealed that they had been walking by foot from a long distance to Kanilai just to help the President, so they easily believed the 2nd accused.

Under cross-examination by the 2nd accused who asked the witness if it was not true that it was the 1st accused who asked him to inform them, DW5 responded in the affirmative.

Responding to questions from the prosecutor, the witness told the court the request for the work was directed to the village alkalo, who in turn informed him as the youth leader.

Sillah Colley of Kafenke-Kanjaju also testified in the case as the sixth defence witness.

The case was adjourned till 21 January 2014.

The charge sheet on count one stated that the accused persons, on 13 October 2013, at Kanilai and diverse places, being employees of Kanilai Family Farm, conspired among themselves to commit felony, thereby committed an offence.

Count two stated that the accused persons on the same date and place stole 9 heads of cattle valued at D180,000, being the property of Kanilai Family Farm, and thereby committed an offence.