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Sittanunku association inaugurates advisory board

Sep 15, 2015, 10:44 AM

Jerreh Sittanunku Development Association (JSDA), a registered community-development organisation, has inaugurated its board of advisers which consist of five members.

The inauguration ceremony was held at in Bundung at the residence of Sheriffo Jammeh, one of the executive members of the association.

The five-member advisory board comprises Lamin Sillah, Baisainey Jammeh, Awa Darboe, Dada Manneh and Fakebba Manneh commonly known as Nani.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanusi Darboe, chairman of the association, said the board members were elected based on trust, confidence and hope that the members have in them.

He said the roles of the board include providing strategic guidance and thoughtful advice to the association; helping to ensure that the association remains true to its aims and objectives; and promoting and providing strategic direction for the development of the association.

The board is to serve a term of three years, which is renewable.

Mamudou Sillah, public relations officer of JSDA, said the board members were elected following “thorough discussions”, but finally the general members settled for the ones who were being inaugurated.

“We had serious discussions among ourselves before coming up with you people, because we know you are fit for the purpose,” he said.“We want you to guide us, put us together and on the right path.”

Lamin E. Jammeh, a member of JSDA, said the association has trust in the board; and looks forward to receiving guidance and strategic support for the ultimate aim of developing Sittanunku village.

Lamin Sillah, a board member, expressed delight for being chosen out of the lot to serve in the board of “this promising association”.

“We know you have trust and confidence in us that is why you elected us; we are not the only ones at the village.We are proud and we appreciate that,” he said.

“Since that day I received the letter of nomination as board member of the association, I was very proud.”

Teacher by profession, Mr Sillah said the aims of the association “are wonderful”.

“And the way you are going shows that you are all committed to the development of the association and the development of Sittanunku,” he noted.

Mr Sillah urged JSDA members to be having regular dialogue among themselves, because lack of information sharing brings about suspicion and lack of trust.

“You might have differences of thought, but that should not breed hatred among you; always resolve your issues gently,” he advised.

“For me, whatever endeavour you are in, I am with you as long as it is in the interest of the association and the village of Sittanunku,” he told the JSDA members.

Awa Darboe, another board member, welcomed the idea of forming such an association like the JSDA.

“I used to be ashamed when I see my neighbours who are natives of other villages going for their village association meetings because my village did not have such functional association here in Kombo,” she said.“This is why I like the formation of this association, and I am even happier to be part of the board.”

JSDA is a non-profit, non-religious and non-partisan community-based organisation formed in January 2015 by people of Nuimi Sittanunku decent, both paternal and maternal.

Presently, the association mainly comprises members based in the Kombos, but efforts are at an advanced stage to establish a village chapter at Sittanunku.

Meanwhile, the association will do a home-coming visit to Sittanunku village on the third day of the forthcoming Tobaski.

During the visit, apart from formally introducing the association to the village, members will do some physical work at the village and also facilitate the process of setting up the village chapter