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Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Feb 3, 2010, 12:52 PM

Singapore will host the first-ever Summer Olympic Youth Games from 14th -26th August 2010.


Before the Games in August 2010, the Youth Olympic Flame which will be lit in Greece will blaze the trail across the world to one city each on the continents of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Oceania and Asia.

The trail will follow this order:

  • Berlin, Germany, representing Europe
  • Dakar. Senegal, representing Africa
  • Mexico, representing the Americas
  • Auckland, New Zealand, representing Oceania
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea, representing Asia

At each city, the Youth Olympic Flame will travel to iconic sights in the city, before ending the day with a city celebration. The people of each continent, especially the youth, will be invited to the Celebration City to celebrate the arrival of the Youth Olympic Flame to their continent.

The Youth Olympic Flame will then travel to Singapore, where the journey continues through the five community districts with a traditional round-island torch relay, ending each relay day with a community celebration.

The Youth Olympic Flame will be lit at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on 14 August 2010, marking the commencement of the first YOG.

The journey of the Youth Flame will be the link that connects the youth of the world to the Olympic Movement.


14-26 August 2010

  • 26 Sports
  • 50-plus Culture and Education Programme activities
  • 5,000 Athletes and Officials
  • 205 National Olympic Committees
  • 500,000 Spectators


The Olympic Torch will touch down on Airport Leopold Sedar Senghore in July 2010. To mark this historic event, the National Olympic Committee of Senegal and the City of Dakar with the support of the Senegalese Government will co-host the Olympic Torch to a magnificent City Celebration.

The National Olympic and Sports Committee of Senegal (CNOSS) and the4 city of Dakar and people of Senegal are proud to welcome the Olympic Flame to celebrate the first-ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG). The beautiful coastal city of Dakar, capital of Senegal, is already know for hosting mega events such the Rally Race "Paris-Dakar" or the meeting of the Executive Board of the IOC is ready to take this opportunity to be the center of the world and the Olympic movement when the Torch touch down on Airport Leopold Sedar Senghore in July 2010.

Being the one and only African city chosen in Africa and among five other worldwide, Dakar will proudly organize magnificent City Celebration not only for its inhabitants but for African and people of the world putting the Youth at center of the festivity with prestigious personalities, Olympian and youth from all over the continent expected to join.

About the city of Dakar

Dakar is the capital city of Senegal, Located on the Cape V country's Atlantic coast. It is Senegal's Largest city. Its position of Africa (it is the westernmost city on the African mainland), is an advantageous departure point for trans-Atlantic and European trade; this into a major regional port.

According to December 31, 2005 official estimates, the city population of 1,030,594, whereas the population of the Dakar estimated at 2.45 million people.

Dakar is a major administrative centre, home to the Nation and Senegal Presidential Palace.

About the Singapore 2010 Olympic Youth Games

The 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games (officially known as Olympic Games) is the inaugural event of the Summer Youth Olympic, a major international sports and cultural/festival to be celebrated in the tradition of the Summer Olympic Games from August 14 to August 26, 2010, during the XX1X Olympiad. The Games will be held in Singapore, in a decision announced on 21 February 2008 after mail voting by 105 IOC members.