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Shyben A. Madi exhibits Riso machines

Feb 17, 2010, 12:06 PM

Shyben A. Madi, in partnership with Riso representative over the weekend exhibited powerful printing machines at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rose, the Export Manager for Riso of Japan based in South Africa serving the rest of Africa, said "Riso has come a long way. It is environmental friendly and it is the fastest machine and has a lot of colours one can choose from and can print 120 pages per minute."

Mr. Rose disclosed that they brought Riso CZ 100, Riso EZ 570E Riso HC 5500, Riso RP 350 EP and Riso RZ 200 EP.

According to him, the machines were extremely powerful for printing. He said the machine has a very high speed image production and does double-sided printing and produces images on envelopes.

"The machines have security print function, job manager function, high speed colour scanner and the big machine has the finisher by binding and all the products printed. It can also digitise documents and it is cost effective.’"

Recommending the Riso 770, Mr. Rose said it prints two colours at the same time on high speed with low cost. He recommended that it's for teachers, as according to him, it raises the profile of work done. He said there is no paper jam, thus making example.

"It significantly arranges papers after printing by page and edits images," he stated. Above all, he said the machine has a storage memory. The ink, he said, can print 18, 000 copies.

"The machine has no heat, so less maintenance is needed. They train personnel for the repairs of the machines if there is any problem with the machines in the future. These are Japanese made," he said.

Among them, he recommended one for the printing of newspapers and magazines.

"It can print from a USB stick and it is the first in the world for now. It can also print photos on envelopes. The EZ 570 E prints certificates as well," he said.

Speaking earlier, Pa Louis Mendy, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Shyben A. Madi Company, said that they came to exhibit the newest models of Riso as technology keeps developing. He therefore welcomed all to an exciting day.

He maintained that Shyben A. Madi is accredited as a dealer in The Gambia.

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