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Showcasing Gambian culture in Taiwan

Jul 8, 2011, 12:45 PM

At the invitation of the government of the republic of China on Taiwan, a Gambian cultural group will participate in an international cultural festival in Taiwan later this month.

The Gambia’s participation in this very important cultural event will, no doubt, boost the already existing ties between the two countries.

Over the years, the two countries have continued to enjoy fruitful bilateral cooperation in many areas of endeavour, including health, education, agriculture, infrastructure and culture.

We have no doubt that the Gambian team will perform well, to the expectations of the organizers and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Cultural exchange is essential as it brings people and nations closer to each other, despite distances. The team’s participation also signals the love and care the two countries have for each other.

We welcome this initiative, and encourage the team to put in more efforts while in Taiwan.

We firmly believe that when people are familiar with each other’s culture, then they can better know each other.

Our commendation goes to the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Madam Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie, for her active role in preparing the team.

Also, we salute the Taiwanese Embassy in Banjul for facilitating The Gambia’s participation and the ROC government for sponsoring our ten-member team.

Culture is very important in one’s life, and a man without culture is just like a house built without a roof.

We should do everything possible to promote, preserve and protect our culture for posterity.

Culture tells who we are and where we are coming from and heading to as a people.

We suggest that the government invests heavily in the development and preservation of our culture, for the benefit of generations unborn.

The Gambia, indeed, has a diverse rich culture and tradition which must not vanish like that.

The challenge, therefore, is for both the government and stakeholders to put all hands on deck for the advancement of our rich cultures.

One of the reasons our tourism sectors in Africa are failing today is that they are not given much attention like the other sectors of the economy.

The stakeholders engage in the tourism and culture should also come up with new initiatives that would attract visitors  to come to the country to buy our products, and also assist in the promotion of culture.

Government should now think of building a National Theatre which will serve as a training ground for the upcoming artist to excel with their talents.

Lets us all work together for the betterment of our culture.

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