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SHE SHE SHE: Should a woman abandon her baby in the street?

Nov 20, 2014, 10:20 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

When I glance through Tuesday’s edition of The point newspaper, I came across a story which stated: “WCR Social Welfare Coordinator expresses concern over babies abandoned.”

The coordinator was talking to our reporter after a case of a baby abandoned was reported to his office.

After reading the story, I felt sad and asked the question: “Should a woman abandon her baby in the street?

Looking at the nature of pregnancy which a woman goes through for nine good months, carrying an unborn child in her womb, and finally going through labour; and then to allow that unborn child into the world; without experiencing it one can only imagine what they went through.

We all expect this woman to shower this baby with love and care, rather than to abandon the baby in the streets, where anything can happen to the child.

Every human being has a right to life. Do we ask ourselves why our nurses and doctors are concerned about a pregnant mother?

This is because of the right that the unborn child should enjoy; because if the mother is healthy, the baby will, no doubt, be healthy and will pass through a safe delivery.

The bond that a mother and her child shared, in those days, are unbreakable compared to the 21st century when women dump their babies in gutters filled with dirty toilet water, dumping grounds that are meant for dirt and not a human being much more a baby.

We have seen mothers giving birth and killing at the same time. We have seen young mothers drinking all sorts of concoctions to abort their unborn child and, when they fail, the baby will be born with a deformity.We have seen other mothers who make abortion their best friend, and conspire with trained medical doctors to destroy God’s greatest creation.

Did we, as a society, ask ourselves why all the baby killings, dumping, abortion and abandonment?

Did we, as a society, have a hand in what is happening to the mothers of these innocent babies who are entitle to a complete family, where both the mother and father and even the grandparents will be present to give this babies the love and care they deserve?

Women in this 21st century are subjected to all forms of gender-based violence, brutality and hostility from their male counterparts and their families.

Those that pull through become survivors of gender-based violence, but those that cannot fight or live it, die in silence, a painful silence. It is no doubt a contributing factor to this problem.

What can a woman do in the upbringing of a child without her male counterpart?

Sadly most of the men in the 21st century run away from their responsibilities, forgetting that a woman can never get pregnant on her own. Why the discrimination and judgment against them?

We all know for a fact that a woman in a marriage will never get pregnant and abandon the pregnancy or the baby.

Those young mothers who get pregnant out of wedlock are not to be blamed; they are not to be harassed, abandoned, humiliated, tortured both emotionally and psychologically; or thrown out of the family compound where they can be loved and cared for until their delivery and after delivery by the society.

These are the root causes of baby dumping that the society needs to tackle. The young mothers, let’s not forget, are also part of the society; so if they went wrong it is the society that went wrong. Let the society correct the wrong, and help the young mothers face their problems so that we can save a child.

In the story, the West Coast regional social welfare coordinator said people should be vigilant in preventing such things, and to report them to the relevant authorities.

The people in this case are in the communities, which can prevent baby dumping by showing love to the young mothers who get pregnant out of wedlock and not reject them.

The people are the fathers of these mothers who instead of running away from their responsibilities should face them together with the mother to the very end, for the sake of the child.

As a young mother what difficulties in the world can make you part with your child in such a brutal way.

The child you agreed to carry for nine months and finally delivered safely needs you more than anyone else in this world.

As a young mother, haven’t you heard of the joy of motherhood? Motherhood is the best thing that could happen to a woman.

There is nothing more joyful than breast-feeding your child while he or she is looking into your eyes, looking innocent and pure.

There is nothing more joyful than waking up in the morning cleaning up your baby, looking so tiny in your hands, talking to him or her in the motherhood language that only you and the baby share.

Haven’t you thought about that innocent cry that will gives you sleepless nights. There is no joy better than seeing that child learning how to sit properly, walk or learning how to talk using your name.

Watching your child grow from an infant to a beautiful young boy or girl that resembles everything in you, and wipe your tears someday is even more joyful as a mother.

Did you know that some women are spending all their wealth in exchange to hear the cry of a baby in their house?Some parents are adopting babies because they did not get the opportunity to get pregnant. Some women spend the rest of their lives on earth without a child they could called theirs.

Sometimes the world itself will turn its back on you, but no matter what, try to be a survivor and save your child and secure for him or her a better future in a dignified way.

Do not allow yourself to be bullied, because you are a woman. Do not wait for the man or let him frustrate you into killing or abandoning your child; stand firm on your feet and make a difference in the world.

Remember, as a young mother that everyone has a story to tell whether good or bad; so don’t let people use your past to intimidate or condemn you.

She-she-she is saying to all young mothers: “Say No to Baby Abandonment” - because it is not the solution to your problems.