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SHE SHE SHE: Justice for President Barrow should be Justice for Ex-VP Njie-Saidy

Mar 2, 2017, 11:59 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

When the former Vice President got booed at the stadium and attacked at different places with hurtful verbal words; that are not even meant for a cleaner working under Jammeh’s regime, talk less of a woman who is a mother of the nation; and who served the country quietly and with dignity as a patriotic citizen of the country; and nothing has been done about it, I begin to question the democracy brought by the Gambian people when they elected a new president under the coalition ticket.

The mother of our nation being bullied by her fellow Gambians, who have no idea how hard it was for her to serve under a brutal leader for many years quietly; and who was probably watching our back for us, particularly the women of this country; and yet those who bullied her were seen as heros, celebrated in style and never indicted for abusing an old woman who has done them no wrong by serving her country.

Where is the democracy we are talking about, if it is based on selective justice?

Just a week or two ago, the news of a woman or women standing trial for allegedly verbally abusing the president of the Republic made headlines in our media houses.

A case before the court is beyond our limits to talk about, but the issue now is if people are being tried for allegedly using abusive words against our leaders, it is a good thing; because everyone president has rights before the law, and so does our ex-VP Njie-Saidy.

Justice should know no boundary or limitation when it comes to the fundamental rights of human beings, particularly citizens of this great country, irrespective of which political party or which regime they served under.

We have said we want truth and reconciliation, but it will not be attainable if we turn it into a witch-hunt! If Eex-VP Njie-Saidy is guilty of a crime, it is not for us as a country or people to substantiate that by bullying her in front of the entire world, whilst we are celebrating victory and democracy for the first time.

It is for the law to determine that; thus ‘let justice guide our actions towards the common good.’

Nothing good comes out of bullying her, and what is more disappointing is that the government is quiet, and still quiet about the issue. It was only patriotic citizens of this country that stood up in her defence, and spoke against w happened to her; which is the most honourable thing to do for a woman who served you with dignity, and never for once during her tenure stood in front of Gambians and insulted or use abusive words against her fellow Gambians.

Her way of politics was, indeed, civilized and political; not one that was done with the use of insulting words against fellow Gambians.

Why is woman-to-woman violence a problem in this country? You are a woman yourself, a mother; and you should be a role model to your daughters and sons in ensuring that they do not take the path to witch-hunting and using abusive words on their fellow human beings.

 However, instead you lead your fellow women and other people, and attacked a woman who has done you no wrong or even in her life time known you talk, less of insulting you or your family.

As a woman, is that what you want to pass on to the next generation of young people?

Ex-VP Njie-Saidy was an embodiment of modesty, elegance, and the only down to earth public figure who respected time and professionalism while serving as VP in the former regime; and that could be seen in the way she handled and carried herself; when this woman from nowhere and her gang attacked her verbally at the stadium.

She was not just a VP, but she was a world -record holder for being the longest-serving female VP in the world.

Who gave these people the right to insult her? Was this something that was planned long before the day in question? Is this woman (or women) a member of the coalition? Why are they not indicted still? How did these women enter the VIP section of the stadium with the sole aim of bullying ex-VP Njie-Saidy? What is the role of the coalition Government in this situation?

What is good for the goose is equally even better for the gander; so if people are standing trial for using abusive words against the president, justice should be equally and manifestly seen to be done in ex-VP Njie-Saidy’s case; so that as a citizen who served this country for many years will be protected from abuse of all types.

As a country that has for the first time gone through a democratic change of government, we should take control of the opportunity in making it a better and the safest place for its citizens, regardless of who they serve under or which political party they belong to.

We should respect each other at all times, and make sure that in as much as we are not ready to tolerate seeing someone else abuse our biological mothers or ourselves, verbally or physically, we should do everything in our power to ensure that we respect other people’s mothers, and our fellow Gambians and the human race at large.

At this critical time when nothing, but development is of paramount importance, we should desist from anything that will draw us near to war, when we tried so hard to drive away violence during the January 19 political impasse.

To the Coalition Government, we hope that you will look into the questions raised, and comments and concerns of the Gambians in the case of ex-VP Njie-Saidy, and make sure that disciplinary action is taken against anyone who are the perpetrators of that crime, just like those that are alleged to have used abusive words against the president and are now standing trial.

 For them, the law has to substantiate their crime, but for that of ex-VP Njie-Saidy, we have seen evidence come forward that it really took place, and to put an end to it means putting an end to violence against a woman who spent her life serving this great nation as VP.

The Coalition government should not also leave the ex-VP naked with no security guarding her or her apartment, because a violent person who is let loose freely doing whatever he or she wants to do knows no limitations, and it is the responsibility of the state to ensure and protect the rights and welfare of its citizens.

To ex-VP Njie-Saidy, we share your pain and frustration during this difficult time, and we hope that the Government will take necessary action in compensating you according to the laws of the land.