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Sharing and caring essential in Ramadan

Aug 23, 2011, 12:45 PM

As we entered the last ten days of the Ramadan, we urge all Muslims in the country to continue to share their wealth and resources with the less fortunate.

It is also an opportunity for all Muslims to reconcile, and put aside their misunderstandings, in this very important month.

This is a time when people should repent to God, and reconcile with people they have problems with.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank, on behalf of the poor and needy, all those individuals and institutions who shared their wealth with Muslims during this Ramadan.

Those who have the resources and fail to help the poor and needy will be held accountable for failing to fulfill their religious obligation.

We also encourage all Muslims to increase their worshipping, especially in these remaining ten days of Ramadan.  Its reward, we have learned, is huge and everyone should endeavour to capitalize on it.

This is a month full of blessings, an opportunity that every Muslim should seize.

The benefits of fasting are many and include showing obedience to ALLAH who commanded us to fast the whole month of Ramadan.

It is in this month a Muslim gains more spiritual self-purification and full submission to ALLAH.

Ramadan also helps us gain motivation not to approach what is prohibited to be done by religion.

Getting closer and feeling with the poor their suffering, and giving donations and alms to those who are in need, are essential throughout this holy month.

People  should  give  charity where  charity  is due; indeed,  in today’s generation, some people do not  want to give charity to gain Allah’s favour instead they prefer “eye service”, which God has condemned.