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Seven year-old orphan needs overseas treatment

Mar 12, 2010, 1:48 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

Seven-year-old orphan schoolgirl Sarjo Ceesay is in dire need of assistance to undergo for overseas medical treatment, a medical report from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) indicated.

According to her report, dated 24th June 2009, the needy orphan Sarjo Ceesay had been admitted at the RVTH, because of cardiopathy and heart failure.

The report stated that Sarjo Ceesay's Echocardiography had indicated that she "has no septal defect, dilated left auricle and right cavity, the posterior wall is thick, mitral prolapsed and tachycardia."

Another medical report from Radiology Department at the RVTH stated that Sarjo's chest x-ray marked an increased cardio-thoracic index, due to global cardiomegaly, cardio-vascular silhouette has mitral configuration and increased pulmonary flow in both lung fields.

Speaking to our reporter, Naba Sanneh, an aunt to little Sarjo Ceesay, said Sarjo lost her mother when she (Sarjo) was at the age of three, adding that her late mother was her younger sister.

On whether she was born with the disease, Naba said Sarjo’s disease was only discovered after the dead of her late mother Muskebba Jaiteh, three years ago.

According to her biological father, Hamadi Ceesay, Sarjo was supposed to be enrolled in grade one in this academic year, but due to her illness she could not make it. 

Anyone willing to come to the aid of the needy Sarjo Ceesay can contact the following numbers: 7741071, 9957531 or an email darboeb@yahoo.com.