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Senior waiter taken to task

Jun 29, 2016, 11:40 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

(Issue Monday June 27, 2016)

Lamin Jallow, a senior waiter who was charged with stealing by clerk or servant along with Almami Ceesay, Maimuna Touray and Gibril Jatta, was on 21 June 2016 cross-examined by Sergeant 544 Jaiteh before Magistrate Abeke at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, after the end of his testimony.

Police prosecutor Jaiteh asked for how long he worked at Kombo Beach Hotel, and Jallow said he worked there in 1987 and left in 1992; came back in 1997 and served until 14 November 2014.

Asked in what capacity he was employed at the hotel, Jallow said he worked as a waiter.

Asked in what capacity at the time of the incident, he said he was a senior waiter.

He was also asked under whose supervision he worked, and answered that Almami Ceesay was his supervisor at the time of the incident.

Asked how many of them were responsible for breakfast in the hotel at the time, he said Wandifa Kanyi, Hatib Badjan, Maimuna Touray and himself were responsible for breakfast, and Almami Ceesay was serving as a cashier.

Asked whether he witnessed any guests who came to have breakfast in connection with the incident, Jallow said he did not.

Almami Ceesay then asked Jallow when the incident happened, and he said he was informed on Saturday that the incident happened on Friday.

Ceesay again asked whether he (Almami) was present on the said Friday, and Jallow said Almami was not present because he was not on duty.

Asked to whom the guests paid, since he (Almami) was not on duty, Jallow said, according to the guests, they paid to a cook.

Ceesay again asked Jallow who the supervisor was during the incident, and he said it was Gibril Jatta.

When it was her turn to ask questions, Maimuna Touray said she has no question for Lamin Jallow.

Gibril Jatta then asked Lamin Jallow from where they were taken when they were taken to the police for identification parade.

Jallow answered that Almami, Maimuna and himself were taken from Kombo Beach Hotel.

Asked why he (Gibril) was excluded, Jallow said because Gibril Jatta was on afternoon shift.

In her testimony, Maimuna Touray told the court that she lives at Latrikunda German.

She added that she is a hotel worker, and knows the other accused persons, as they were her colleagues.

On a Saturday 14 November 2014, they were serving breakfast when she was asked to go and answer to the Personnel Manager, Amie Conteh, at the F&B office.

She adduced that when she went there, she met the F&B manager, Amba Barry, his assistant, Fama Sanneh Samura, and the personnel manager.

Amie Conteh told her that she received a complaint from her boss, Mack, that some guests from Bakotu Hotel came to Kombo Beach Hotel and had breakfast.

Amie Conteh asked whether she saw the guests, and she told Amie Conteh that she did not.

Amie Conteh asked her about the work she was doing at the restaurant, and she told Amie Conteh that she did clearing, setting and serving coffee and tea. Amie Conteh then asked her to go and continue her work.

She further told the court that she was off duty on Sunday; reported for work on Monday and was not told anything.

On Tuesday, while she was on her way to work, they called her and asked her to report to the Kotu Police Station.

At the police, she met some guests seated there and they were six to eight in number. Amie Conteh then told her the guests were brought to the police station, so that an identification parade could be conducted for the guests to identify the person to whom they paid the money.

One of the male guests stood up and pointed at Almami, and said he paid to him. Then one police officer, called Kandeh, told her and Lamin Jallow to leave.

When they went back to the hotel, Amie Conteh called them into her office and said the General Manager has sacked them and issued them with dismissal letters.

Amie Conteh told them that they were implicated by Almami Ceesay, who said all of them received their share of the money which was paid.

Under cross-examination, Almami Ceesay said that since Maimuna stated that she did not see the guests at breakfast, and they were paraded four days after the incident, then he has no questions for her.

However, Almami asked who bailed them together at the police station.

She replied that nobody bailed her together with the other accused persons, but Almami put it to her that a senior colleague, Secka Faye, bailed them at the same time and all of them went out together.

She said this was not true, and that she was bailed by her daughter.

Lamin Jallow then asked her whether the guests mentioned the days he paid to Almami, and she said the guests said they paid for six days, adding that on the Friday Almami was off duty, the guests said they paid to a cook.

Lamin Jallow asked Maimuna again whether there were some cooks who were paraded for the guest to identify the cook they paid to.

In response, she said they called Gibril Jatta, and when Gibril Jatta was presented to the guests. They said they did not pay to him, but they paid to a cook who was wearing a white shirt and a white hat.

At this juncture, Gibril Jatta said he has no questions for Maimuna.

The case continues today.

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