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Senegal unveils plan to fight covid-19

Mar 16, 2020, 1:57 PM

President Macky Sall over the weekend called an emergency Cabinet meeting designed to introduce tough measures to eliminate coronovirus as Senegal registered 26 cases.

With immediate effect, all public gathering or assembly is no longer allowed in Senegal till further notice.

Senegal also announced closure of schools and universities for at least one month. The country is also suspending transactions of Muslim and Christian pilgrimages.

National day celebration of Senegal on 4 April, marking 60th anniversary of independence has also been cancelled. And all visiting cruise ships with the tourists to the ports of Dakar have been cancelled till further notice.

The Senegalese Ministry of Justice has announced indefinite adjournment of all cases as a result of the covid-19.

In Senegal, at least 78 people are under quarantine as 26 people have tested positive for covid-19.

It is also announced that Senegalese living in the diaspora should obey recommendations of their host countries.