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Senegal registers 5 cases of covid-19

Apr 3, 2020, 11:29 AM

It’s been one month since Senegal confirmed its first case of covid-19, Health Minister Abdoulaye Diouf said on Thursday, as the country announced the registration of five new positive cases, bringing the total to 195.

Going by the reports given by the Ministry of Health in Senegal, 138 people are undergoing treatment and about 55 patients have recovered.

As a precautionary measure to prevent further spread of the virus, President Macky Sall has suspended cabinet meetings in state house. Starting from Wednesday, all cabinet meetings will be  through a video conference.

Schools will reopen on 4 May, 2020. President Sall yesterday ordered each family member to receive two bags of rice, 10 litres of oil, cartons of soap and a bag of sugar. Residents living in Dakar and its environs like Pikine, Rufisque and Thies will not receive these basic commodities.

Teachers teaching in the Qu’ranic schools commonly known as Madarassas, will receive financial assistance of 330 million CFA.

Also, the government is considering to assist the population to pay for 3 months electricity and water bills like Cote D’Ivoire has done, Togo and Mauritania also promised to help their populace for 3 months.

Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Health minister on behalf of President Sall thanked health authorities and journalists who showed professionalism during the one month period of the fight against covid-19.

President Sall promised to assist the media and all workers both government and private to continue their jobs.

Recently, 946,875 is the registered number of people that have tested positive for covid-19 with 48,135 deaths worldwide.