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Second Division League standings Girls grassroots football festival reaches Up Country with PetroGas

Mar 2, 2020, 11:43 AM

Following the partnership between Gambia Football Federation (GFF) and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) signed in 2018, the GFF has since then been engaged on regular festivals with girls from selected schools in the Greater Banjul Area in different phases. The partnership sponsored by recognized fuel and Gas suppliers PetroGas has earned the MoBSE visibility for their school going girls from the Lower Basic categories to exhibit their hidden talents with the help of the GFF.

This week’s Regional Festivals took off in Soma (LRR) and Bansang (CRR) where schools from the hinterland converged at the respective grounds for the festival proceedings. Coordinated by Director of German-Gambia Women’s Football Project Ms Monica Staab, the team began the festival on Tuesday 25th February 2020 in CRR’s central Zone Bansang with 250 girls from 10 selected schools viz: Sara Kinteh, Dobongkunda, Agape, Daru, Sara Giddeh, Bansang, Jawo Kunda, Sololo, Fuga and Mabali Kuta Lower Basic Schools.

Present were Executive Committee members of the CRRFA including President Mr Numu Kunda Kanyi who addressed the girls. “I want to first congratulate you for been selected to take part in this festival. I also want to thank the partners PetroGas and the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education for the collaboration with us. GFF is known for supporting Women’s football and this is a clear testimony that our leadership is serious with Girls participation in football. So i encourage you all to take the festival seriously and also transfer your skills to the rest in your schools“. Mr Kanyi also hailed Monica Staab for the steadfastness in fulfilling GFF;s part of the MoU with the MoBSE and thanked her for the dedication and passion for Women’s football. “The GFF is proud of you and be assured of our support at all times“, he noted.

At the Soma Mini Stadium in LRR, the GFF festival team converged 200 girls selected from 8 schools in the Region. The event took off on Wednesday 26th of February 2020 with the following schools Pakallinding, Kani Kunda, Misira, Soma New Town, Soma Proper, Toniataba, Kaiaf and Karantaba Lower Basic Schools.

Present was the LRRFA President Mr Ansumana Sanneh who similarly congratulated the selected girls for their participation in the festival. “This is a very important program for the GFF. Women’s football is one of the top most priority areas for the GFF and this program with the MoBSE is key in our programs“. Sanneh thanked Monica Staab for coordinating the event and also thanked the GFF for facilitating the festival logistics.

According to Monica Staab, both festivals have been extremely successful and all the girls were happy to play football. “The program will continue on a weekly basis and the Regional Coaches from LRR, WCR and CRR will train the girls together with their teachers in their weekly sport lesson“. According to the renowned Women’s football expert, the GFF has now implemented this Girls Grassroots School Program in Six Regions across the country. She said the final festival will be held in the URR slated for 17th of March 2020 in Basse.

Ms Staab also thanked the sponsors PetroGas for been the partners of the festival and hailed them for the genuine trust and confidence they reposed on the GFF. She also thanked the GFF for all the support and encouragement given to her during the period. “I will thank the President Mr Bajo for his personal support and interest in Women’s football. I have never seen this kind of encouragement from any Football President in the world and Mr Bajo’s support is driving our program successfully