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Scorpions Report to GFA on Friendly Cancellation

Feb 17, 2009, 6:04 AM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

Following the cancellation of the international friendly between The Gambia and Gabon last Wednesday in Paris, due to chaotic weather conditions, members of the senior national team, in a report sent to The Gambia Football Association, have highlighted some major concerns and successes achieved during their brief stay in France.

Below is the full text of the report:

The test game Gambia against Gabon scheduled for the 10th February 2009 was cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions in Paris, France. We learnt about the situation about 4 hours before the official kick off time. Then we were down at the hotel lobby for our usual pre-game deliberations. We were shattered hearing the news, for we have trained hard and were prepared for the encounter.

On the other hand, we realise that we have gained a lot more than we thought, within the few days that we were in camp. We had the opportunity to come together as a unit after about 5 months and revive the camaraderie amongst existing and new players in the team. Some of the key issues responsible for this team's improvement are the cooperation, co-ordination and the togetherness of players. These are core values of the team that keep us focused on the same goal.

Also, we had the chance to practice under highly professional conditions. These included very good football pitches, excellent equipment and very coordinated programs. These conditions always help motivate players through practice sessions and also help bring out the best in them.

Furthermore, we had to practice under high pressure from our coaches. We were pushed to the point that reminded us of our preparation for our African Cup and World Cup games against Algeria and Senegal. This was one of the reasons for our disappointment when the game was cancelled. After such a preparation, players always yearn for the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Unfortunately, conditions beyond anyone's control did not permit that to happen.

Apart from the absence of medical personnel, which we understood was due to visa-disapprovals, we believe that the trip to France was a success. We really know that we are on the right track heading towards our next qualifiers and these programs are necessary for the exposure and growth of our team.

We want to acknowledge and thank you (The Gambia Football Association) for your efforts, the Department of State for Youth and Sports, Africell, the ambassador of The Gambia to France (Mr. Moses Jallow), all individuals or organisations that contributed towards this endeavour, especially H.E. the President Alhagi Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, whose unwavering support we greatly appreciate. We also thank the Gambian people and well-wishers for their continued support.

Our success relies greatly on what we do both individually and as a team during this non-competitive period. We need to work hard and programs such as these are of significant importance to our success as a nation. We thank you for your usual cooperation and sacrifices and we look forward to our next program this summer.

Matthew Mendy (vice captain)

For: The Senior National Team

Prepared for:

The Gambia Football Association

CC. The Coach, Senior National Team

Dahaba Bakary

The Department of State for Youth and Sports

H.E. The President, Alhagi Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh