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Scorpions performance: Utterly disappointing!

Jun 6, 2016, 11:37 AM

The Saturday match between our senior Scorpions and Bafana Bafana of South Africa was a marked historical defeat suffered by The Gambia in the hands of the visitors.

Gambians are disappointed by the poor performance of the Scorpions as they lost woefully to South Africa in that Saturday match by 4 goals to nil!

It should be noted that since the official opening of the Independence Stadium in 1984 we had never conceded such number of goals.

It should also be noted that since last year, when The Gambia entered the qualifying rounds at senior level, the national team has never registered any victory, both in the times of coach Savoy and of coach Sang Ndong.

This failure of scoring goals could be attributed to the frequent changes of coaches, who have their own tactics.

As a result of this frequent change of hands, coaches, we may surmise, have not been having enough time with the boys, to be able to properly study their strengths and weaknesses, so as to make good use of them.

The players should improve their scoring abilities in their respective domestic leagues, to prepare them well for national duties.

It has been realised by many that our boys could play well most times, but could not score.Finishing, therefore, is their problem, which is what should really be addressed immediately.

The performance of our boys, especially at the senior national level, must be critically looked into to be able to figure out what really is going wrong with the national squad. They hardly register successful results.

Even though some of them are called from leagues in Scandinavian countries to come and play home in Africa, they hardly perform well. The home-based players as well are no better when it comes to performing for the national side.

All we have seen is draw and defeat, under the charge of both coaches in recent times.

It is but time, therefore, that we did something about this unfortunate episode of our football trend.

Our boys do well at junior levels, but woefullydisappointing at the senior level.

“The Senior Scorpions must rise from their slumber”

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