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Scanaid Gets A Basic Cycle

Oct 6, 2009, 6:49 AM | Article By: Manlafie Badjie

The Board of Scanaid School in Brufut, Kombo North, over the weekend inaugurated a basic cycle school called Spring Academy.

Jorgen Bredesen, the Chairman of the Scanaid Board revealed that the construction of the road from the town's main junction joining the school will start in two weeks time.

"We shall put in electricity in the school and put in telecommunication," he said.

Jan Eric, a member of the Spring Consultancy, echoed the same sentiment and delved into how they have been collecting money for the project.

"We are doing all these because we believe education is the best way to help," he said. He presented a Teddy Bear called spring to three children as a gesture.

"You will help to take care of this Teddy Bear and keep it safe and always remember us," he said.

Mrs. Mariama Baldeh, the Principal of Scanaid Senior Secondary School said it was another joyous celebration, which is the inauguration of the Spring Academy, a Basic Cycle.

"It was a rough and rugged journey, but with tactfulness and courage, faith and determination we have today achieved our goal," she said.

Mrs. Baldeh said "Our objective is to strive for quality, excellence and success. With all hands on deck, we would surely reach the Promised Land."

According to her, the opening of the Basic Cycle is long overdue as they had a nursery school, which is now 18 years. She urged the people of Brufut to embrace the gift and not let the opportunity slip away.

Principal Baldeh commended Jorgen Bredsen, the Chairman of Scanaid and their donors, Spring Consultancy for their marvellous help. She also commended the government and Alkalo of Brufut, noting that peace of mind is the greatest treasure of man.

Adama D. Jobe, representing the board thanked the philanthropists for their effort.

"The sky is the limit," she said, while urging the villagers to send their children to school. She advised the children to see themselves as future leaders.

Mrs. Bernadette Mendy, the Head of the primary section commended the Ministry of Education and the Regional Education Office for their support.