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Scanaid Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

Dec 2, 2008, 4:50 AM | Article By: Malafie Badjie

The Scanaid organisation, out to help Gambians, has celebrated 15 years of existence and hard work and are poised to do more for their school at Brufut in the near future.

A school built by the Scanaid organization from Norway in collaboration with their development partners, is the principal project of Scanaid. Mariama Baldeh and her staff and students began their celebration with a march past that started at West Field and ended at the Traffic Lights. The next day was characterized by thrilling games that motivated the lot.

Jorgen Bredesen, a Norwegian and chairman of Scanaid International said:"I have been serving as chairman for ten years now. We are supporting about 1,400 children with 40 staff. We sponsor from Nursery, primary upper, senior schools and university. At the moment, we are sponsoring about eight people in the university and are all based in Brufut some are past pupils of Scanaid International."

Among his plans for their school the near future, Jorgen Bredesen said they want to electrify the school, fix the road to the school, and clear the rubbish on the way to the school. For their long-term plan Bredesen indicated that they wish to sponsor more in education. "We have been here for 15 years and we wish to continue. We have some Swedish volunteers and all we do is voluntary work. We want more people in the university before we think of studies in Norway. We have 40 computers in the school," he said.

Jorgen said he has privately sponsored medical students. "We hope to expand to other areas if possible," he said.

Mariama Baldeh thanked their sponsors, their teachers, the school committee and the government for providing an enabling environment. "We are bent on making sure that the children of The Gambia get the best education. Mr. Jorgen Bredesen and his team are commended for the good they are doing for the school. May God bless them," she said. The day ended with eating and rejoicing.