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Who Killed Deyda Hydara?

Dec 16, 2008, 5:50 AM | Article By: Deyda (Vieux) Hydara Jr

Some will feel that this is a repetition as we always say the same thing every year but for us and the very few today in The Gambia who stand for freedom and democracy this is a pledge that is as strong as the day the journalists took to the streets of Banjul to protest against the killing, a renewed effort to commend the work and life of a great man Deyda Hydara and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and expose their callous activities to the fullest.

I will also use this opportunity to publicly criticize Jammeh and his government for the lack of any sort of viable investigation which makes curious minds like mine wonder whether they have any hand in the killing?

The issue about the killing is that up till now there hasn't been any proper investigations and for some reason no one is allowed to raise the issue. What I see in The Gambia is unacceptable and this trend is still carrying on.

My dad was one of a kind with exceptional characteristics, most good and honest individuals will agree with this and that was probably why those responsible took his valuable life.

My family and I have demanded for an investigation on several occasions and have yet to receive any response from the authorities. A prime example of the authorities' monkey business in this investigation is that the family is still denied the autopsy report. This only portrays the authorities as people who don't care about ensuring the safety of its citizen or they have something to hide.

This piece is not pointing fingers at anyone but the evidence is clear and with the authorities not doing anything the fingers don't have to be thrown around.

So I urge the Gambia Government to do something and find the people responsible for this dastardly act or if they are incapable of performing one they should accept the help that is being offered by the international community.  

I salute the journalists in The Gambia who are effortlessly trying to bring the news to the general public without fear or favour under extremely difficult circumstances.

Finally I say to the group of people or individuals who don't agree with the concept of free speech that IT STILL DOES EXIST and will continue to exist. Fighting it will make them fight back stronger with their pens and trying to stop them will make their minds expand to greater heights and killing them will make them HEROES, LEGENDS and all time greats.

May we win this struggle and rejoice in our triumph!

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