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Ruud and Anneke Support Gilkock

May 20, 2009, 8:36 AM

The Brufut-based football academy on Saturday May 16th 2009 received another support from Dutch couples; Ruud and Anneke Russendelft.

The couples handed two sets of jerseys and boxes of water bottles to the academy at its training ground.

In handing over the materials, Anneke said, "we made a promise to help the academy with clean drinking water here but before we can successfully do this I think it is necessary to help in easing the problem of water at the academy's training and this is one way of doing it.

"Back in Holland we approached a well known company that specializes in making water bottles and they donated these materials. These plus other football materials are just what we think can help the academy achieve its aims and objectives in the future".

Academy Coach Momodou Bojang, alias Mbagie, a coach in the academy commended the couples for rendering their support to the academy. "Ruud and Anneke are true friends of the academy because since the first time they knew this academy they have brought a lot of assistance for the academy. We are very grateful for them and their friends in Holland.

"It is true that we find it difficult to get water to drink during our training session but the intervention of the couples will reduce the level of this problem."

Mbagie also promised on behalf of the academy that the materials will be jealously guarded and well cared off.

Sang Mendy, the public relations officer, and Ebrima Jatta alias EJ, also echoed similar sentiments at the handing over ceremony.