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Round-up on Gambia Cricket Association activities

Mar 21, 2012, 1:36 PM

The Gambia Cricket Assocation recently concluded a marathon of activities; below is a highlight of the key events.

On 25 February 2012, Sussex over 50’s, who were recently on tour to The Gambia, won the toss and decided to bat scoring 104 runs with 5 wickets, in their allotted overs of 25, their highest scorer is Barry Paey with 29 runs.

The Gambian Selection team scored 117 runs for 2 wickets In 14 overs, with Melville Williams scoring 66 runs. The winner was the Gambia Selection Team and the man of the match was Mr Melville Williams.

On 26 February 2012, Jewel of India versus Sussex over 50’s: The Jewel of India won the toss and decided to bat, and scored 232 runs for 7 wickets in their allotted 25 overs. Mr Asif Adav was the highest scorer with 81 runs not out, and took one wicket for 26 runs.

The Sussex over 50’s batted next and scored D139 runs all out in 25 overs with three wickets in hand. Their highest scorer was Allan Wyatt with 48 runs. The man of the Match is Mr. Asif Adav of Jewel of India.

On 27 February 2012, Nineteen Packages of Cricket Equipment were cleared from the Ports. The Items are as follows: one 30 yards Cricket Mat, 2 Flicx Mats, 3 Nets with poles, Cricket Shoes, Cricket Soft Balls, Cricket Hard Balls, Cricket Bats and Pads, and Junior Cricket Shirts.

The items were handed over to the President, Mr Johnny Gomez, who received them on behalf of the Association, and thanked the Sussex over 50’s Touring Party, for their magnanimous gesture to help develop cricket in The Gambia.

He further re-irritated the fact that these items came at the right time, that the senior team is preparing for the Division 3 Tournament in Benoni, South Africa, In April, 2012.

The Leader of the Tour, Mr Andrew Sanks, said they have made a pledge to help Cricket Gambia to develop the game, getting the game to the schools, and they will as much as they can continue to help the development efforts of the GCA.

Coaching clinic for school girls

The Girls Coaching Clinic was held this morning at the July

22nd Square
, in Banjul, with 9 schools, each coming with 13 students, and their P.E. Teachers. The total number of students that took part was 118 girls that are registered.

Coaching clinic for school boys

The Coaching Clinic for boys in schools in Banjul, will be conducted at the July

22nd Square
in Banjul. The numbers of students registered are 130 boys, with their P.E. Teachers.  A Cricket Match with Sussex over 50’s, followed after the Coaching Clinic. The Schools boys batted first and scored 155 runs for 4 wickets in their allotted 20 overs, with an opening partnership of 104, between Mustapha Suwareh (50 Runs) and Ousman Bah (48 Runs). These are all players of the Under 17 and 19 teams.

The Sussex over 50’s bated next and scored 114 runs for 4 wickets down, in their allotted 20 overs. Their highest scorer is Mike Plumrigde, with 30 runs. The man of the match was Mustapha Suwareh of Gambia Senior Secondary School, who scored 50 runs, and took 1 wicket in four overs for 14 runs.

2012 primary schools league

On 06 March 2012: Muhammedan Lower Basic School versus Wesley Lower Basic School

Muhammedan batted first and scored 95 runs with 6 wickets down, and their average score was 15.833, the highest score was Bubacarr Jallow with 18 runs. Wesley Schools batted next and scored 64 runs and lost 8 wickets and their average score was 8. Their highest scorer is Edrisa Faye with 14 runs. Muhammedan school won the Match, and the man of the match was Bubacarr Jallow, with 18 runs and 1 wicket

The other game was between St. Joseph’s Lower Basic School and Rev. J. C. Faye Memorial School, who did not show up, so the points were given to St. Joseph’s Lower Basic School.

March 7, 2012; Methodist Prep and St Mary’s Lower Basic Schools.

Methodist batted first and scored 53 runs with 8 wickets down, average of 6.625. The Highest scorer was Moses Ogoucha with 11 runs. St Mary’s Lower Basic batted next and scored 53 runs and lost 11 wickets with an average score of 4.818. The winners were St. Mary’s Lower Basic School.

The other match was played between Campama and Albion Lower Basic School Albion batted first and scored 60 runs with 12 wickets down, and their average score was 5, the highest score was Papa Dan Jobe with 11 runs.

Campama School batted next and scored 69 runs and lost 9 wickets and their average score was 7.666. Their highest scorer is Musa K. Ceesay with 17 runs. Campama School won the match and the man of the match is Musa K. Ceesay, with 17 runs and 1 wicket

3 March 2012

Sussex Over 50’s versus Gambian Selection won the toss and batted first scoring 201 run in their allotted 25 Overs, with Moses Bahoum scoring 101 Runs.

The Sussex Over 50’s batted next and could only manage 132 runs, with Malamin Fofana, alias Faraba, scoring 24 runs, and Johnny Gomez, Honorary Member of Sussex, over 50’s, scored 17 runs and took 2 wickets for 25 runs in 4 Overs. The man of match is Moses Bahoum

4 March 2012.

Sussex Over 50’s versus New National Assembly Workers (Indians), the Indians batted first and scored 108 runs in allotted 25 Overs, with A. Mahajan scoring 37 runs.

Sussex Over 50’s batted next and scored 109 in 18 overs, with A. Wyatt scoring 52 runs and Retired-Out.  Andrew Sanks took 5 wickets for 12 runs in 6 overs.

6 March 2012: Coaching Clinic For School Girls, Brikama Box Bar Stadium

This coaching clinic was the School Girls from Brikama and its environs, with 11 schools in attendance, and 13 students from each school, with their P.E. teachers, making it a total of 154 participants.

These students were taught the fundamentals of the game - Bowling, Batting and Fielding. Some snacks were given to all the participating students.

After the clinic the president of the association talked to the students about the plans of a School League in the region, and encouraged the students to take up the game more serious, which is not only a sport, but also a mode of life that teaches the core values of life, honesty, integrity, commitment, loyalty, devotedness, creativity, etc.

He promised to help Brikama with all the resources needed to start a School League, as soon as possible, for all the streams of schools in Brikama.

7TH March 2012: Coaching Clinic for School Boys, Brikama Box Bar Stadium

This day was set for school boys, who also went to the same coaching g programme that the girls went through the day before at the same venue, Brikama, at the Box Bar Mini Stadium, with 11 schools attending, coming along with 13 students and their P.E. teachers, making it a total of 154 students.

Mr Sheriff Jallow spoke on the occasion and urged the teachers that they should not give up on the students who are keen and ready to play this beautiful game.

The Sussex Over 50’s Tour ends today, and 12 members of the team had al courtesy call with the Ministries of Tourism and Sports, and held talks with officials of both ministries about promoting Cricket Tourism in the United Kingdom and other European countries.