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Rotary Club organises lunch for orphans

Dec 28, 2016, 12:27 PM | Article By: Rose Gomez

The Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda has organised lunch for children at the orphanage in Bijilo on Christmas Eve and also present them with Christmas gifts.

Chartered president of Rotary Club of Brusubi-Serekunda, Sapard Vincent de paul Kalala, said the lunch was organised as a way of sharing the joy and love of Christmas.

He said the event was one of the “clear indications of true love and care” that they, as Rotarians, have for the children.

Dr Kalala said supporting the children is a way of motivating them so that when they grow up, they can also be Rotarians.

Mariama Hydara, one of the foster-mothers at the centre, said there are six foster-mothers and 60 orphans at the centre; each mother has 10 children.