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‘Right to See’ sensitises, distributes eye glasses in Farato

May 8, 2015, 11:51 AM

Right to See, a non-profit-making organisation, at the weekend distributed several eye glasses in Farato town after sensitising the community on the importance of glasses in protecting the eyes from defects.

The sensitisation and distribution of the glasses, held at the Farato Community Clinic, was part of the organisation’s efforts at reducing the level of eye defects among Gambians.

Pascal Mendy, founder of Right to See, said the charitable organisation operates on the principle of ‘people help people’.

A Gambian based in Germany, Mendy said the organisation started with the support of his wife, Milagros Iglesias, a Spanish based in Germany.

He said his wife’s keen observations and studies revealed that there are many Gambians with either one kind of eye defect or another.

“This is why we decided to establish a charitable organisation focused on helping people to overcome eye defections,” Mr Mendy explained.

He said they do not just issue glasses like that.“There is a process we follow which involves testing the person’s blood pressure and ascertain the abnormality of their eyes before we issue glasses to them,” he said.

Hally Omar Mendy, media officer of Right to See, told the beneficiaries that the glasses are for use, “not to be kept in the house for decoration.”

James Ismaila Gomez, infection control officer, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, commended Right to See and advised the beneficiaries to use the glasses with care, saying it is very rare to access such a gift free of charge.

Daniel J. Mendy, a beneficiary, said:“I am very overwhelmed for getting these glasses free of charge.With this, now I will be able to perfectly read and view objects from distance.”

Mr Mendy, who is the principal of Saint John’s School for the Deaf, expressed appreciation and delight over the gesture.

Right to See is registered in The Gambia and working cordially with a sister organisation in Germany.