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Revenue collection getting better

Feb 27, 2014, 10:24 AM

If we go by the contents of the activity report for 2012 presented by the management of the Gambia Revenue Authority, GRA, to the PAC/PEC this week, then we can safely say that the tax collector is doing well in raising the revenue the government needs to fulfill its national development pledges.

Indeed, that this is so is captured in our story on the good reception the GRA received at the PAC/PEC session, for its performance in raising much-needed revenue for the government in 2012.

We wait for and hope that the reports for 2013 will be as good, if not far better.

The GRA’s vision is: “To be a highly efficient and modern revenue administration that enhances national growth and development”

If the GRA does well in achieving its vision, by carrying out its mandate, and fulfilling its mission, then the government’s development plans for this country would be realized sooner than planned.

We just want to add that in pursuing its mandate, the GRA must never lose sight of the core values it has spelt out as guiding principles.

These are Integrity; Professionalism; and Fairness.

It must always remain “committed to providing satisfactory services to the public; to treating all stakeholders fairly under the law, and demonstrating a high sense of honesty and transparency”.

We call on Gambians to pray for GRA to succeed in collecting the projected revenue the government needs to meet its spending plans, as spelt out by the minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and outlined in the 2014 national budget speech.

Seeing and knowing the state of our world in these trying times, we need prayers now more than ever before, for success in getting the resources to promote national development.

“For The Gambia our homeland, we strive and work and pray that all may live in unity freedom and peace each day”

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