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Responsible reporting of the campaign

Nov 17, 2011, 1:42 PM

Since before the campaign started we have been always calling on journalists and media professionals in general, be it in the print or electronic media, to report professionally and responsibly.

However, it seems some journalists are not paying heed to that requirement.

We are not saying journalists should not support any political party of their choice, but this should not be manifested in our work, if we are to be called journalists.

Journalists are not supposed to be praise-singers, but professionals with a high sense of integrity.

As can be seen in all our political news pages and in this and other columns of the paper, we as an independent newspaper support neither of the three presidential candidates.

That is what is required of the news media by the Independent Electoral Commission, especially during this official campaign period.

So we feel it was unfair to hear a reporter refer to the Independent candidate’s party  “the so-called United Front”.

Working for a particular media house does not mean that one has to take sides, and this is not expected of a serious and professional journalist.

Journalists must refrain from such unethical reporting, or leave the news media and seek employment with the parties they support as their propaganda secretaries.

We hope all media practitioners involved in covering and reporting this election will take note.

Professionalism should be the watch word!