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Remembering Dr Jawla

Nov 10, 2010, 11:11 AM

We received with great sadness news of the untimely death of Dr Alhaji Mamo Jawla of the World Health Organization Gambia country office, which occurred in South Africa last Sunday.

This came as a great shock to the entire country, as well as the UN System in The Gambia and the health sector.

The late Dr Jawla was, indeed, a great asset to the country and humanity at large.

This was a man who spent his life contributing to the development of the health sector in the country, including humanity in general. Thus, it is true to say that many people will miss him for his easy-going approach.

He was always willing to share knowledge with his colleagues, and the general public.

Dr Jawla’s demise is a great loss to his family, loved ones and the nation.

It is worth mentioning that during his life time, Dr Jawla adopted a lot of children, who were really in need, supporting their education and giving them solace.

He was described by many that knew him as a peaceful man, while others called him a down-to-earth man.

In any case, the man will always be remembered for what he lived for.

He was a devout Muslim, who dedicated all his wealth towards the development of his kids and humanity as a whole.

Dr Jawla, you have gone, but your legacy will never die; this is because of the good things you have done for people.

Despite being well-placed, Dr Jawla never forgot his native village of Kunting in the Central River Region.

He also helped people in the health sector, who are today occupying top positions in government.

Dr Jawla has contributed to the giant strides in the fight against malaria in the country, in particular when he worked at the National Malaria Control Programme.

The country indeed needs patriots like Dr Mamo Jawla.

May his gentle soul rest in peace!