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Rehabilitating our roads

Nov 21, 2012, 9:09 AM

The recent tour by the President and other senior government officials of roads in Banjul, and the efforts to rehabilitate all the dilapidated major roads within the capital city by end December 2013 is a good development.

Roads in Banjul just like the President said where rebuilt on many times from 1994 to date, and have witnessed many civil works, but they never last long and each time heavy rains come, they destroy the roads.

However, with the new initiatives that the authorites plan to take, we hope whenever completed that the roads in the city will be more durable.

We have always emphasized in this and other columns the fundamental importance of road infrastructure to the socio-economic development of the country.

Though to concrete the whole road network might be expensive, if it is the best for the city then why not we have the concrete.

We salute the Banjul City Council and the Gambia Ports Authority for being the main funding institutions for the rehabilitation of our city roads, thus ploughing back the taxpayers money to a worthy cause.

We must, however, observe that such road works should not stop in Banjul, but all over the Kanifing Municipality and other parts of the country where bad roads are found, and which also needed to be given a facelift.

Indeed, the better our road network, the better for all living in the country!