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Apr 20, 2017, 12:39 PM

Honorable Members,

Please allow me the opportunity to congratulate you on your hard-fought campaigns and eventual elections to represent your constituencies in parliament. Although I was on holiday as the final votes were counted, I remained enthusiastic to learn about the decisions that Gambians reached in electing all of you during an open and engaging electoral process. Ultimately, you were all assigned a noble task, and that is to help maintain a checks and balance system in governing The Gambia.

In addition to the elected members of parliament, I would also like to extend sincere congratulations to the Honorable Speaker and the four nominated members of the legislature. I have been impressed to see the diversity and inclusiveness of the selections made by His Excellency, President Barrow. It is my hope that together, all members of the parliament will advance a robust legislative agenda that will support growth and sustainability in The Gambia.

Finally, I would like to congratulate The Gambian people for taking part in the nation’s democratic process. Democracy is action. With its ideals and values, people subscribe to principles of democracy to voice opinions that aligns with their beliefs and dispositions. After all of the candidates made their views public, the electorate made its final say. It is a process that was energetic, with more than two hundred and fifty candidates who campaigned to fill fifty-three seats.

The campaign is now over and the work of governing lies ahead. I wish you good health and the strength required to fulfill your mandates in the service of our people.

Warm Regards,

Sankung Papa Susso, EdD.

Touro College and University System