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Rape Is Disastrous!

Sep 1, 2009, 5:20 AM

Many would say rape is an outrageous and heinous crime perpetrated by cowards who display their stupidity in the wrong direction. Indeed, there is no medication attached to rape because it is not an ailment. It emanates directly from the brain surely getting the motivation from the pituitary gland of the rapist.

Rape seems to be gaining grounds in the country, mostly perpetrated by irresponsible men who are only interested in satisfying their sexual desires. One wonders why such actions against innocent children?

It baffles any decent citizen to hear of rape against very under-aged children, such as the three-year-old girl raped recently in Barra. Children are innocent and are prone to any violation directed against them.

The act leaves an indelible scar on the minds of the victims, the family especially, the mum and dad who have the sole responsibility of taking charge of their children.

 Perhaps, it still bugs the mind of the culprit, whose ill-will may become counter-productive, leaving him utterly distressed.

Man is born to learn but many men prefer to die in ignorance and remain doing wrong things even when they know it's wrong to do. Not long again everybody raised their eyebrows at a man sentenced for life for raping a minor. Could that sentence not serve as a deterrent?

Should anyone venture into such without a second thought? Maybe if more difficult measures are added and local chiefs gather their people and explain to them, they would understand better that it is quite detrimental to rape anybody.

Parents and neighbours are to be more vigilant as today's children centre their minds on money to buy biscuits or mints, things their parents can readily afford for them. Neighbours and families should be on the alert to protect their children from vicious and disastrous men.

The government is playing its part by bringing these rapists to book when brought before the law. Such crimes leave a hollow of dissatisfaction in the child, the mum and dad and those close to her, the stigma may go a long way.

We want a society free of stigma and fear of rapist.