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Rainfall pattern worrying for farmers

Jul 31, 2013, 11:40 AM

Farmers in many parts of the country have been expressing concern over the lack of adequate rains, especially in July which is usually a rainy period in The Gambia.

It has been confirmed that there has not been substantial rainfall in many parts of the country for many weeks now, thus leaving farmers worried.

In fact, special congregational prayers have been held in some parts of the country, for Allah to bless the country with more rains.

It is sad and worrying that many farmers have sown their seeds, without the expected rains coming.

Whatever happened to the “normal to above normal rainfall” reportedly forecast for this year?

In fact, if there are no good rains in the coming days and weeks, many farmers would lose the crops already germinating from the relatively small rains so far.

The likelihood of such a development is reported to be high, and this feeling is common this year in rural Gambia.

Is the country heading to another crop failure? We hope not! And pray that Allah will bring us the desired rains for a good cropping season.

Meanwhile, the national authorities in charge of agriculture must closely monitor the situation, and help provide proper advice to our worried farmers.

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