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Quantum Associates Introduces New Technology Solution

Apr 7, 2008, 10:31 AM | Article By: By Baboucarr Senghore

Following a sealed partnership with Guangzehou Fengling Electronic Company, a China-based technology solution provider, Quantum Associates, a renowned ICT solutions provider in The Gambia, is putting finishing touches to the introduction of a new security technology solution in three key areas.

Geared towards ensuring greater security solutions, this new technology by Quantum Associates is expected to provide home security and monitoring, vehicle security and monitoring, personal security among others.

With this new technology, it is believed that security can be provided at homes that will actually create relationship between an individual and his home by installing devices that could send signals for all forms of movements and breakage into one's house.

For the first time in the country, this device will at any time of a movement or breakage send a massage to your individual mobile phone or any other telephone device that you designate. The signal can in turn be sent to the police, fire and ambulance services, and any other concerned person.

Interestingly, the new personal device, which could be carried on the person of any human being, will also enable one to send emergency messages either to the police or any person by just pressing on a button indicating that one has an emergency.

Also very important is the device that could detect gas leakages. This device also has the capacity to detect smoke and send alarm to mobile phones, the police and the fire service.

This new technological platform is also expected to screen vehicles and track them down where ever they are located. It will also guide drivers to where they want to go in addition to detecting how fast a particular vehicle is moving, at what particular date and what time.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Gibril Jibi Chorr, Managing Director of Quantum Associates, said that his company's products are based on the convergence of three technologies, namely Mobile Communication, Global Position System and Internet as it is the focus of their products.

"We believe these technologies can be used for security and non-security purposes. The agreement we have with our partners is to provide this technology to any West African country for a start," Mr. Chorr added.

According to the Quantum Associates boss, they are not only looking at the commercial aspect of it but also the corporate social responsibility aspect by partnering with the police, fire service and the navy.

For his part, Mr. Guang, a senior engineer from Guangzhou company, described the relationship between his company and Quantum Associates as very cordial.

The new technology, he said, is geared towards adding new advanced technologies to GPS and Mobile Communications technologies.