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Quality Service Delivery

Jan 23, 2013, 10:42 AM

The quality of service offered in our hotels and other places visited by tourists should not be compromised at all.

It was gratifying to see the issue being highlighted when officials of the Gambia Tourism Board recently embarked on an inspection tour of tourism facilities across the country.

Tourists like any other visitors would like to have value for the money spent, by having quality services rendered to them during the course of their stay in the country, both in and out of the hotels.

The essence of quality service is to meet customers’ expectations. Therefore, providing quality service should not be comprised at all.

We urge our hoteliers to keep working on diversifying their products and services.

The more tourists, especially newcomers, feel satisfied with the services provided to them, the more they would like to visit again.

In these days of global economic crisis and market competiveness, we must strengthen our belts to do more to attract more tourists to visit the country, by providing the best and quality services expected of us.

Considering the contribution of the industry to our economy, all hands must be on deck to attract more tourists to the Smiling Coast of Africa.

With more and more magnificent new hotels being built in The Gambia, we anticipate that more tourists would capitalise on these attractions to come to the Smiling Coast.