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New Health Care facility for Kiang Batelling

Jan 23, 2013, 10:47 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

A new primary health care centre, sponsored by the musical friends of The Gambia in Holland is currently under construction in the village of Batelling in Kiang West district of the Lower River Region.

The project, which is a community initiative and supported by a sister organisation in Holland, is expected to serve the community of Batelling and its surroundings.

Speaking at the site during a visit, which also saw the handing over of medical items to the village, Sulayman Jammeh, the President and founder of the organisation in The Gambia thanked the people of Batelling for their warm welcome.

According to him, the construction of the primary health care centre in Batelling will help the villagers to have access to adequate health care delivery system.

The move, he added, is geared towards complementing the efforts of government in providing quality health care delivery.

As an organisation, our main focus is to work with the local communities,” he stated, adding that construction of the health care centre is expected to be completed in April 2013.

Noting that the organisation is a Dutch charity, Jammeh called on the villagers to make good use of the materials at their disposal.

There are so many villages that need this but they don’t have it,” he said, while assuring them of his organisation’s support at all times. He also thanked Damiana Van Wissen, a Dutch charity organisation based in Holland.

Suteh Sanyang, Alkalo of Batelling, who expressed delight at the gesture, welcomed Sulayman Jammeh and his delegation to the village of Batelling.

According to him, with the intervention of the musical friends of the Gambia, the people of Batelling will soon have access to adequate health care system.

While talking about the benefits of the centre to the villagers, he explained the difficulties encountered by women to trek all the way to Kuinala Health Centre, especially pregnant women.

The Alkalo also commended his villagers for their response, adding that since the starting of the construction of the health care centre, people have been working hard to ensure its completion.

Speakers on the occasion included Ya Manka of the Village Development Community and Bakary Jobarteh.