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PW1 testifies indecent assault case

Aug 18, 2010, 12:06 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty

The first prosecution, Fatou Jallow of Tujereng Village recently testified at the Brikama Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Nkea in the criminal trial of indecent assault involving one Babucarr Jallow of Tujereng Village.

In her testimony, PW1 told the court that the complainant in this case is her daughter, and she also knew the accused person.

According to her, on 19th May 2010, while she was taking shower she had her daughter crying from the direction of the toilet.

She testified that it was when she asked her what had happened and she responded that the accused, Babucarr Jallow came to the toilet when she was urinating.

PW1 further narrated that the little girl explained to her that, the accused then removed his shirt and tied her mouth and subsequently put his hand and stick it into her private part.

Mrs. Jallwo adduced that when her daughter explained that to her, she then confronted the accused, who told her that he was playing with the little girl.

Subsequently, she added the matter was reported to Tujereng Police Station and the little girl was referred to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) for further testing, and a medical report was issued to that effect. She said the accused was later arrested.

Under cross-examination, the counsel for the accused Badou Conteh put it to the witness that she reported at the police station that the accused raped her daughter and when investigation was conducted it was found that she was not raped.

The witness in response told the court that she did not report any rape issue at the police station, but what she reported was that the accused tied the mouth of her daughter and put his hand and stick it into her private part (virgina).

Counsel further asked PW1 whether she has any document that can show that the complainant was sexually harassed? The witness responded that the documents are with the police. The counsel again asked her whether she was present when her daughter was sexually harassed? In reply, PW1 said she was not present, but her daughter explained it to her and she was there with another child.

Hearing continues

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