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Public property

Feb 24, 2012, 1:39 PM

The attitude of some individuals in handling public property is disheartening.

Some people care less about public property and assets, and this attitude is a cause for concern.

A clear example is the state of some market toilets, and public taps all of which have been subjected to abuse by some people.

Also, in some offices, people leave the lights on 24/7 to the detriment of the state, which foots the bill.

This is proof of a bad attitude among Gambians, which needs to be addressed in the interest of all.

If we protect public property, it would be there to benefit generations unborn.

What we want to make clear is that public property belongs to all, and should be protected by all and sundry.

So we should learn to protect our common property, and learn to use them carefully for the well-being of all.

Using public property carefully saves government money, and by extension the citizenry.

If we damage public property we do harm to ourselves, and not the government.

When we damage public property we only waste public money that could be used for other development work.

We should not be involved in any form of activity that would destroy public property as citizens and peace-loving foreign residents.

We need to adopt a new culture, where we see government or public property as our property and where we protect public property the way we protect our private assets.

We believe that by doing this we would save the government and ourselves from paying a heavy price for our attitudes.