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Prosecution closes case in Carnagie Mineral trial

Mar 7, 2012, 1:57 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The case involving Carnagie Mineral Company, an Australian mining company operating in The Gambia and its managing director, Andrew Charles Northfield, yesterday resumed at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul.

The prosecution witness, Biran Jobe, former police chief superintendent, told the court that he knew the 2nd accused person, Andrew Charles Northfield, a British national and the managing director of the Carnagie Mineral Company.

He added that in February 2008, while in his office at the police fraud squad, all the staff of the crime management coordinator were called by the former CMC Burama Dibba, who instructed them to go to a Sanyang mining site.

Jobe added that upon their arrival at the mining site, the officers entered the mining site and went to the office of the managing director, who was the 2nd accused, Andrew Charles Northfield, together with the CMC.

The CMC ordered all the staff of the mining company to leave the mining site, Jobe told the court.

He said the CMC told the managing director that they came to close the mining company, after which officers of the Police Intervention Unit, PIU, were posted at the mining site.

Dibba also requested for the contract document between the state and the Carnagie mineral, which was later tendered and marked as an exhibit.

The list of inventory was also admitted and marked as an exhibit.

Jobe further told the court that upon their return to Banjul, he obtained a cautionary statement from the 2nd accused person, Mr Northfield, while sub-inspector Badjie obtained a cautionary statement from one Abdoulie Cham.

Both documents were also tendered through the witness, admitted and marked as exhibits.

Meanwhile, the prosecution led by the director of Special Litigation, Daniel O. Kulo, notified the special criminal court that the prosecution was closing its case.

The case continues on Friday for address.