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Promoting the teaching of Maths in schools

Feb 5, 2013, 10:30 AM

Mathematics is said to be one of the most important subjects that students should take with seriousness.

The teaching of mathematics should be given prominence in our schools, as the subject is critical to the success of the student.

Our students must be made to realize that a core subject like Mathematics is key to their overall educational success.

We were made to understand that many students do run away from the subject claiming that it is difficult, but the excuse has been rubbished by the teachers who admitted that it is interesting and enjoyable.

As a matter of fact, students should avoid being lazy and build more interest and seriousness in mathematics.

What our students need to know is that when one is good in mathematics his or her job career choices are huge.

In fact according to mathematicians, maths is not only a subject but a universal tool as the language of maths is the same all over the world.

Mathematical literacy is a must element in providing the child with the basic skills to live their life.

It is one of the basic pillars for the child on which his or her life is, and would be standing.

Mathematics form an integral part of our life, as we need maths in our every day transaction; thus makes the mathematics literacy very much significant.

We would, therefore, at this juncture, like to applaud the Youth Care Foundation, and Mathematics Teachers Association for promoting the subject through Mathematics Competitions among schools.

We encourage students to take the subject, and their learning in general seriously.