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Promoting cashew production

Mar 28, 2012, 3:31 PM

A lot of benefits could be derived from cashew nuts production in this country, including complementing our national efforts in tackling food shortage in the country.

As such there is need to promote the cultivation of cashew in all regions of The Gambia.

The production of cashew is a source of livelihood for many people, and cashew is an important crop for household consumption, as well as for export.

Cashew crops provide a valuable source of income from the sale of the nuts and oil for many countries, including neighbouring countries.

We, therefore, urge partners in the cashew sub-sector to help our farmers by providing training to cashew farmers, and good variety seeds, so as to obtain higher yields from cashew plants.

The Gambian cashew farmers also need new techniques in land management practices, and small scale units that will help them process and utilize all parts of the cashew fruit and nut.

We hope that the cashew marketing meeting being held in the country would avail all actors and stakeholders the opportunity to put in better strategies, so as to make the 2012 season successful and profitable for all involved.

We commend the International Relief and Development The Gambia for supporting and promoting cashew production in the country.

We encourage more farmers in the country to venture into cashew production, as they stand to gain from its potential benefits.

Since there are lots of marketing prospects for cashew farmers, we also urge that our farmers ensure they compete with other producers in terms of quality and quantity.