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Prominent Islamic Scholar Warns Muslims

Sep 1, 2009, 5:14 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Imam Alhagie Al-Utass Essa Darboe, a renowned Gambian Islamic scholar and the Principal of Tadamun Islamic Institute, has warned Muslims to desist from what he described as unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings surrounding the mosques.

 Ustass Darboe, who is also the Imam of the newly inaugurated mosque in Gunjur Kulukochi, said mosques are special places meant for worship, and to unite the Muslims by bringing them together.

He said people go to mosques on a daily basis, especially during the five daily prayers and the Jumuah (weekly congregational prayers) to foster unity, love and brotherhood within the Islamic society.

"It should not be used under any circumstance to cause unnecessary troubles, misunderstandings or hatred and divide the Muslims into segments," he stated.

In his inaugural sermons, Imam Alhagie Al-Utass Essa Darboe stated that it is becoming a habit within the Muslims nowadays to struggle and fight for positions in mosque committees, which he said, must stop to exist.

"Muslims all over the world are like brothers and sisters of one another so positions or responsibilities in the mosque should never be any problem within us. The services you render are voluntary; you only expect payments from Allah the Almighty.

"We don't need to struggle and fight over it. It will be a total failure and so regretting if we were living in peace, love and unity before the construction of the mosque and get divided because of the mosque," he added.

"This means we have failed the purpose and the benefits we could have derived from the mosque'' said the newly inaugurated Imam.

The Gunjurian born scholar called on the entire Muslims society to desist from such misunderstandings, and serve their Lord as enshrined in the teachings of the Islamic religion. He also called on the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, to continue the good job in ensuring that mosques are free from all sorts of trouble or misunderstandings.

"What has happened before in other places is enough. We don't need to have such anymore," he concluded.

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