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Price of sugar hikes again!

Jan 26, 2010, 2:18 PM

We have been reliably informed that the price of sugar is on the hike again, following the recent increment of one of the country's basic commodities.

The rate at which the price of sugar escalates, no doubt, sour living for average Gambian.

It is unimaginable to think that the price of a cup of sugar would just within a period of one month inflate from D5.00 to D6.00, D7.00 or D8.00.

This is unacceptable and needs urgent intervention by means of price control mechanism to control the escalating prices of essential commodities.

We call on the regulatory authorities to, without delay, interveneto protect the interest of the consumers.

In The Gambia, sugar is one of the essential commodities that every household demand on a daily basis to survive, no matter what.

We, therefore, urge the government to intervene in order to address this problem. During the past two weeks people have been calling our office to do something about it before it is too late.

Though we are not the right authority to address the matter, we can use the power of the media to raise alarm on this pinching situation.

While we urge the government, businessmen and other relevant stakeholders to ponder over the issue, we also implore on people to check on their consumption pattern.

In the same vein, we call on those business people who are in the habit of hoarding goods to desist from the practice as soon as possible.