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Press Release: 2015 Cashew Marketing Season commences April 15

Apr 14, 2015, 11:42 AM

The Cashew sector in The Gambia has registered significant developments witnessing the establishment of the Cashew Alliance of the Gambia (CAG) as the apex institution of the Cashew sector and the initiation of the Cashew Sector Development and Export Strategy 2014-2019 by the Government of the Gambia, through the Ministry of Trade Industry, Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) with the support of the Enhanced integrated framework (EIF) project, the international Trade Center (ITC) based in Geneva, Switzerland and other key stakeholders of the Cashew Sector in The Gambia.

Cognizant of the need to enhance quality and improved marketing of Cashew in The Gambia, “The Cashew Alliance of the Gambia in consultation with the entire Cashew Value Chain Actors (farmers, Traders, Processors, Exporters) and other relevant public and private stakeholders of the Cashew sector, at a National stakeholders pre-marketing Season Consultative Forum held at the Baobab Holiday Resort, Kololi is pleased to declare April 15, 2015, as the start date for the 2015 Cashew Marketing Season, in The Gambia.”

By this declaration, the cashew Alliance of the Gambia urges all its members, value chain actors and relevant stakeholders of the cashew sector, to adhere to the recommended code of best practices in line with the African Cashew Alliance Code of Conduct and Maputo Declaration on the development of Africa’s Cashew Industry (September 2010).

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish the entire cashew Fraternity a very successful 2015 Cashew Marketing Season in The Gambia.