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Presidential age-limit removed

Jul 28, 2017, 12:49 PM

Members of the National Assembly Tuesday amended and passed Section 62 of the 1997 Constitution to revise the compulsory retirement age of a judge of a superior Court and removed the upper age-limit for holding presidential office and connected matters.

The 1997 Constitution placed an age limit on qualification for presidency in the country at 65, as well as the appointment of vice president, which has similar qualifications as president.

Moving the motion before the members of National Assembly, the Minister of Justice Aboubacarr Tambadou, said the bill also seeks to extend the age at which a judge of superior court must vacate office.

He added that the amendment of the bill would facilitate and encourage qualified, competent and experienced Gambians to be appointed as judges of the superior courts and candidates to be elected to the political office of the president.

The Minority Leader and NAM for Niamina Dankunku Hon. Samba Jallow, in seconding the motion, said the age limit should not have been in the constitution in the first place.

Many National Assembly members welcome the amendment, saying the section was discriminatory and has no place in the country’s statute book.